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Kondro Electric (1980) Ltd considers the personal health and safety of each worker to be of primary importance and it will take priority over operating productivity. Management will provide all mechanical and physical facilities required for personal safety and health in keeping with the highest legislated standards and it is our policy to provide training, safe equipment and safe tools with which to work.


SAFETY IS AN ATTITUDE and is not something you can ignore. It is not something that can be delegated to a specialist. Specialists support management, supervisors and workers by providing administrative assistance, monitoring and expertise in this area. This role is important but active participation every day by every member of the company is the key to achieve our safety goals.


Our Management and Supervision Team is responsible and accountable for ensuring that the proper planning for accident and loss prevention is incorporated into all of our construction phases.


It is the responsibility of all our workers to abide by the guidelines and safe work practices outlined in our Safety Program and related policies and to make safety a part of their employment responsibilities.


Nothing in our work is so important that it must be done in an unsafe manner.


Kondro Electric (1980) Ltd. is fully bondable for any of our projects big or small if required. 


Our team consist of Master electricians, Journeymen electricians and Apprentices electricians. Kondro Electric is C.O.R certified and we have Certified Safety Auditors on staff.


We are a member of the Electrical Association of Alberta - ECAA  and Alberta Construction Safety Association ACSA  

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